Crackdown on drivers who are endangering the lives of schoolchildren in Grantham

Lincolnshire Police
Lincolnshire Police
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Police are cracking down on inconsiderate motorists who are speeding and flouting parking rules near schools, endangering the lives of children.

The crackdown comes as the Journal’s ‘Dozy Parkers’ campaign continues to get the support of motorists and pedestrians who are fed up with the ignorant actions of some.

Police officers have warned they are taking a zero tolerance approach to recent ongoing issues involving inconsiderate driving and parking at schools in the town.

A variety of problems have been reported regarding traffic at school gates and the surrounding area around the time children are dropped off in the morning and when they are picked up in the afternoon.

Some of the worst affected areas are Gonerby Hill Foot Primary School and Cliffdale Primary School but it is an issue that all schools in the town seem to be facing.

PCSO Jackie Fulker, of Grantham Community Patrol, said the most worrying aspect was the safety of children during these times.

She said: “What we have is a group of people that are driving with total disregard for safety and with no consideration for others as they are dropping off and picking up children.

“We have had reports of children being narrowly missed by cars where the driver just isn’t paying attention.

“This is an accident waiting to happen. If people don’t start using the roads around the schools properly and driving with real care and attention we could easily be looking at some serious injuries to youngsters in the area in the future.

“Some people are driving too fast around the schools where there are lots of children running around, and generally driving with no thought to others.

“Also, people are parking in the wrong places, even blocking the driveways of local residents who then have to argue to be allowed to leave their homes in their vehicles.

“This is just not acceptable. We have warned people about this before. We have written letters, we have attended the area. None of it makes any difference to people. Instead, they hurl abuse at us, swearing in front of the children as they go, and carry on as they were.

“We will not entertain this type of behaviour anymore and are taking a completely zero tolerance approach. If you don’t comply with traffic regulations and apply some basic common sense you will face the consequences.

“I would like to point out that we will not tolerate this type of behaviour from those who are carrying it out but they are a relatively small group of people. Many of the parents and adults who use the roads in the areas around the schools are driving safely and sensibly and for that we are very grateful to them.”

There are a number of designated areas around the schools where parents can park up to drop their children off and many of the schools run walking and cycling groups that encourage parents and guardians to leave their cars at home for the school run.

Lincolnshire Police officers will be in the areas carrying out speed checks and bringing to justice those driving too fast in these built-up areas and Lincolnshire County Council will be putting wardens in the areas to ticket those who are in violation of parking regulations.

PCSO Fulker added: “The school gates should not be a place where children are in danger of being injured by cars. With all the regulations in place it should be exactly the opposite and people should be even more careful behind the wheel than they usually are.

“We hope that our zero tolerance approach will be sufficient to completely crackdown on these problems. We also ask drivers to remember the damage a speeding car can do to a child. You might be inconvenienced by the consequences of driving dangerously and parking inconsiderately but you could well change the life of a child for very much the worse.”