Custody warning for teen who broke rules

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A TEENAGER ignored bail conditions and landed himself back before magistrates in Grantham on Wednesday.

The court heard how Stacey Coupland, 18, was found by a police officer to be at an address in Stirling Court, Grantham, despite being ordered by the court at a previous hearing to keep away.

The court had also ordered that Coupland resides at his home in Great Close, South Witham, and does not contact two named females.

Jill Derby, prosecuting, told magistrates how a police officer went to Coupland’s home on August 30 to be told by his mother that he was at a property in Stirling Court, the home of the woman he was forbidden from contacting. The officer went to the house and saw Coupland leaving the court. He was arrested.

Vicky Clarson, defending, said: “Mr Coupland has been adhering to those conditions for the most part.”

Magistrates heard how the female, the victim in an assault case Coupland is due to be sentenced for on Monday, had made repeated requests to police for Coupland to be allowed to go to her home.

Mrs Clarson said: “He did go around to the address to discuss what’s going to happen when she gives birth to his child, due in February next year.

“He accepts he went round on this one occasion to discuss that.”

She added: “Hopefully, he has now learned his lesson and even if he is requested by the complainant to attend he will not do so.”

Magistrates decided to grant Coupland bail on the same conditions.

Chairman Kevin Moody said: “If you do that again, then you are going to stay in custody until your crown court hearing.

“Stay away or you will be locked up for the week.”