Dad smashed front door after argument

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A DAD punched his front door after a heated argument with his girlfriend, a court heard on Wednesday.

Nicholas Brooks, 22, of Huntingtower Road, Grantham, admitted damaging the front door at his rented house on November 23.

Brooks was living with his then girlfriend when they had an argument, and he decided to move out.

Daniel Paulson, prosecuting, said: “Brooks went to the property to collect some of his belongings. At the address there was a further argument.”

Brooks left the house with some of his belongings but when he later tried to get back into the property his girlfriend stopped him by leaning against the door.

As Brooks pushed the door it buckled.

He gave up trying to get into the property but punched the door once before leaving, damaging one of the panels.

He was given the opportunity pay to repair the damage and avoid being taken to court but he could not afford the estimated £250 for a replacement.

Bill Fraser, defending, said: “He assures me that there is now a joiner on stand-by and the work will be carried out within seven days. There was a domestic argument and Brooks might have punched his girlfriend but on this occasion he punched the door.”

Magistrates put Brooks on a six month conditional discharge. No compensation was ordered as Brooks was already responsible for replacing for the damaged door.