Detention for using threatening behaviour...and bending a plate

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BENDING a plastic plate was among the offences an Irish man was punished for this week.

Magistrates sitting in Grantham heard how Alan Kelly, of Crossland Court, Belfast, damaged the plate while in custody at Grantham Police Station on Saturday. He had been arrested that afternoon in the town centre after a drunken tirade at a teenager.

Jill Derby, prosecuting, told the court how the lad was in the Isaac Newton Centre when Kelly stumbled towards him holding on to a bottle of wine and asked for a cigarette. When the boy replied he did not have one, Kelly repeatedly swore, called him a liar and threatened him.

The lad reported the incident to security and they followed Kelly, watching as he kicked a bin and behaved aggressively. The court heard how, fearing for their safety, they locked themselves behind a private door and called the police.

In mitgation, magistrates heard how Kelly, 33, had a different version of events, claiming he was not asking for a cigarette but instead telling the teenagers they should not smoke. This followed news that his mother has cancer.

He also argued that the security guard was making remarks about Kelly’s ex-girlfriend, a former heroin-user and shoplifter, causing him to become angry.

Kelly, who admitted the two counts of using threatening behaviour and a charge of criminal damage, was sentenced to a day’s detention, already served.