Disqualified driver crashed into ditch after fleeing police

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A PREGNANT woman and teenager were injured after a man sped away from police and crashed into a water-filled ditch.

Nicholas Todd, 25, admitted driving his BMW X5 in Stubton Road, Brandon, whilst being disqualified and without insurance. He also admitted failing to stop on February 27 at around 7.25pm when he was spotted by police on the A1 and they asked him to do so.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said: “The X5 slowed and indicated left. The officer approached the car but as he neared the rear of the X5, it drove off at speed.”

The officer ran back to the police car and they pursued Todd’s car down Stubton Road. They lost sight of the vehicle but about 15 minutes later came across it upside down in a ditch. They called an ambulance.

Mr Clare said: “The officer could hear screaming coming from the car and jumped into the ditch, which had about a foot of water. The officer heard a female voice screaming to get her out of the vehicle. A male voice then asked for help getting his partner out the car because she was pregnant.”

Todd managed to kick his way out of the car. He told the officers: “I’m not running, it was me that was driving, please help my partner.”

The woman and a teenager, who go out of the back of the car, suffered serious injuries and were hospitalised.

Chris Brewin, defending, said his client, who was disqualified in December 2011, regretted his actions.

He said Todd started to get in trouble after getting into a tumultuous relationship with the woman in the car, which was now over. Todd said it was her who told him to drive away.

Todd was given a 12 month suspended sentence and he was disqualified for 14 months for driving whilst disqualified and six months for having no insurance, to run concurrently. He also was ordered to pay £85 costs.