Disqualified Grantham driver left his dad’s car in a ditch

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A DISQUALIFIED driver who borrowed his dad’s car crashed the vehicle into a ditch.

Scott Meadows, 32, of Melbourne Road, Grantham, admitted taking the Ford Focus without permission, when he had no valid driving licence or insurance.

Meadows, who was previously disqualified for drink-driving, was living with his father at the time.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said: “At about midnight he wanted to purchase some tobacco. His father was asleep and his car keys were in the kitchen. The defendant knew his father wouldn’t give him permission to use the car but he took it anyway.”

Mr Clare said Meadows intended to drive to a 24-hour garage but on his way back an animal ran into the road and he swerved, crashing into a ditch.

Despite the car being upside down, Meadows managed to get out with minor injuries and walked home where he replaced the keys and went to bed. Alerted to the car, police attended the owner’s address and noted Meadows had injuries. He claimed he had received them in a fight with his girlfriend the previous day.

But Meadows handed himself in at the police station after realising that DNA had been found on an airbag.

Bill Fraser, defending, said Meadows, who was no longer living with his father, was lucky not to be more seriously injured.

Sentence was adjourned for reports.