Distraction burglars steal from pensioner in Grantham

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BURGLARS talked their way into an elderly person’s home and stole a significant amount of cash.

The crooks claimed to be officials from the water board - which police are keen to make residents aware no longer exists - and managed to gain entry into the pensioner’s home in Greenhill Road, Grantham.

Police are warning residents to be on their guard following the burglary, which happened on Wednesday afternoon.

A police spokesman said: “Distraction burglary is where criminals posing mainly as officials call at your house and make up a story to get you to let them in to your home. They have one intention and that is to steal!

“Some of the criminals work on their own but often they work in groups and are very well organised with a convincing excuse that seems genuine and urgent.

“The talker will persuade you to let them into your home and keep you occupied whilst the others search your house to steal cash and valuables.

“Residents should remember that a genuine caller will happily wait outside while you check on them by calling their organisation or a family friend or neighbour.”

Anyone who believes a bogus caller is at their door should call 999.

Anyone who saw any people or vehicles acting suspiciosuly in the area at the time or has any other information in connection with the incident should contact Grantham Police Station on 0300 111 0300 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.