Do not give personal details to cold callers, warns Bottesford NHW

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Police news.
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Elderly people are receiving telephone calls purporting to be from the electricity board.

Bottesford Parish Neighbourhood Watch is warning villagers not to give out details to cold callers following reports from two elderly neighbours last week.

They received calls from “a well-spoken man” offering reductions in energy costs. The caller knew their names and addresses and went to ask personal questions and for debit card details.

Bottesford Parish NHW principal co-ordinator John Shilton said: “It is not absolutely clear whether these calls were attempts to obtain information for fraudulent purposes but they contained several elements suggesting that they may well be. The matter was reported to the police.

“NHW always advises people not to divulge personal information to uninvited and unknown callers. Genuine callers will be happy to provide their name, number and details of the company they are working for. Any offers made should be checked directly with the company concerned before proceeding.

“If you undertake this check on the phone please remember to ensure that the telephone line has been cleared down from the previous call, otherwise you will simply return to the previous caller or his/her associate who may pose as a company representative to mislead you into providing the information the fraudsters are seeking from you.”

* Suspicious activity should be reported to police on the non-emergency 101 number.