Driver caught after night of drinking, Grantham court hears

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Driving after drinking the night before cost a man his licence and put his job at risk.

The court heard how Thomas Caunt, of High Road, in Manthorpe, was spotted by a police officer driving without wearing a seat belt.

The officer recognised alcohol on Caunt’s breath. He was tested and found to be well over the drink-drive limit.

Judith Armstrong, defending, said Caunt’s job is now in jeopardy due to the guilty plea.

Miss Armstrong said: “He drove the following morning after drinking the night before, thinking he would be okay - mistakenly so as it transpires.

“He simply made a mistake from which he will have to pay the penalty of a disqualification.”

Caunt, 23, was fined £150 and told he must pay costs of £85 and a £35 surcharge. He was also disqualified for 16 months.

District Judge John Stobart said: “You must have drunk a prodigious amount to be nearly double the limit the next morning. You chose to drive even though there must have been a suspicion you were still over the limit.”