Driver saw red after getting parking ticket

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SHORT-TEMPERED driver Adam Higgs saw red when he returned to his car to find a fixed penalty notice.

Higgs, of Hawthorn Court, Grantham, returned to his car, which was parked on a single yellow line, to find he had been given a fixed penalty notice.

He drove the car away but saw the two PCSOs who gave out the penalty walking on St Peter’s Hill.

After pulling up alongside the officers, Higgs threw the ticket out of the car window towards the pair before driving away.

However, the PCSOs were unwilling to let the matter lie and decided to take the notice to Higgs’ home address and deliver it personally.

Higgs did not take their arrival well and began verbally abusing the police officers, shouting and swearing at them before pushing one of the officers.

Higgs, 20, admitted assault and a public order offence.

Unemployed Higgs was fined £65 for the assault with no separate penalty for the public order offence.

Chair of magistrates Peter Ponton said he would not be ordering any compensation to be paid to the officer “as there were no injuries in the incident”.

Higgs was also ordered to pay costs of £85 and a £15 surcharge.

Chris Pye-Smith, defending, said: “I have advised him that if he has a dispute about a parking ticket in the future he should come to my office and discuss it.”