Drugs kept man ‘fairly calm’ Grantham magistrates are told

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Cannabis plants helped a man control his temper, a court heard on Monday.

Mark Bellamy, 40, of Albert Street, Grantham, admitted growing cannabis in Jubilee Avenue, Grantham, after 14 plants were discovered in a loft conversion during a police raid on October 4.

Eight of the plants were dehydrated but six were growing with the help of equipment and foil.

Bellamy admitted to officers that he had been growing the plants for about four weeks for his own use. The equipment cost him about £2,500.

Rob Arthur, defending, said the business owner should not be charged with cultivating the eight dead plants.

He said that Bellamy’s record spoke volumes because there were a number of violent offences up until 2010.

He said: “Bellamy told me that the reason he started smoking the cannabis was because he realised that the violence went hand in hand with him and alcohol. That’s seen through his record. When he goes out drinking he has a very short fuse.

“He found that as a result of smoking cannabis it kept him fairly calm. The primary reason why he decided to grow his own was to stop him getting in trouble in the city centres.”

Magistrates fined Bellamy £200 and ordered him to pay costs of £85 and £20 victim surcharge.