Drunk man pushed off his bicycle

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Two drunk men got into an argument which ended with one “childishly” pushing the other off a bicycle in full view of two police officers.

Richard Hart of Castlegate, Grantham, admitted a public order offence after pushing the man in St Peter’s Hill in Grantham.

Rory Macmillan, defending, told the court Hart had been attacked earlier in the day by the victim and another male. Half an hour later Hart saw one of the men cycling along St Peter’s Hill.

Mr Macmillan said: “He accepts he ran over and pushed the man. They were calling him names, making references to him being Scottish.

“He is sorry for what happened and doesn’t believe anyone was hurt.”

Daniel Pietryka, prosecuting, told the court the push was witnessed by two passing police officers.

Mr Pietryka said: “The victim was highly intoxicated and was angry about what happened but left the area very quickly.”

In interview, Hart told the police that he was “very drunk at the time”

Mr Macmillan said Hart himself described the incident as “childish”.

Hart, 26, was fined £35 and must also pay a £20 surcharge.

He was spared costs due to his limited means.