Drunk man sent down after refusing treatment

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A DRUNK man, who refused to accept help with an alcohol addiction, was jailed for 10 weeks on Monday.

Michal Jurkiewicz, 36, formerly of William Street, Grantham, was in court after admitting common assault and being found guilty of theft after a trial.

Jurkiewicz was seen by security at B&M Bargains, in Grantham High Street, on June 23 taking a bottle of cider valued at £3.29. He put a jacket over his arm and left the store without paying.

The security officers challenged Jurkiewicz, who pushed the bottle back towards them and carried on down the street. He was restrained and taken back to the store.

After finding out the police were on their way he spat at the security guard.

The Probation Service interviewed Jurkiewicz, who, according to his solicitor was still drunk from the night before, and it was discovered that his offending was underpinned by alcohol use.

It was recommended that he get help from Addaction but he said he would refuse to comply with the alcohol treatment.

Rory Macmillan, defending, said Jurkiewicz lost his job after hurting his arm and was evicted from his home in June.

He said: “He would agree to supervision. So far as alcohol treatment, he is still drunk from last night and one has to question if his responses would be the same if he was sober. I think it’s very unfortunate that he’s not suitable for alcohol treatment requirement.”

Magistrates sentenced Jurkiewicz to 10 weeks in prison for the assault and 10 weeks concurrently for the theft.

Chairman of the magistrates Jane Tidswell said: “The reason for sending you to prison is because you refused to comply with alcohol treatment. Had you gone down that road you would have been a free man with a community order.”

Jurkiewicz’s fines owed to the court were cleared in return for 14 days in prison, to run concurrently.