Elderly couple tormented by village troublemakers

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AN elderly Ancaster couple are being tormented by troublemakers who have targeted their home twice in as many months.

In November the Journal reported that Robin and Dot Taylor, of Mercier Drive, Ancaster, had had their fence destroyed by vandals and last Saturday night it happened again.

Dot said: “It upsets us and makes me wonder why they are targeting us.

“We go about not bothering anybody. We don’t know if anybody’s got a grudge.”

Last time the fence was knocked down Robin spent the whole of the next day fixing it but this time the repairs will not be made.

Dot, who was on her way to get her breakfast on Sunday morning when she saw the damage, said: “It won’t be repairable this time. They had flattened it all again.”

The couple said they did not hear the vandals at their property on either occasion but have since been told by neighbours that both times the troublemakers were ringing doorbells of other houses and then running away.

These two incidents are not the only time that the Taylors have experienced vandalism at their property but they had hoped the problem was becoming less frequent.

Mrs Taylor added: “It makes us feel so flat. Neither of us have been well.”

On previous occasions food was thrown at the house and items were stolen from their garden.

One year their Christmas lights were also ruined when troublemakers removed light bulbs and destroyed them.

Robin said he used to create the festive display for the children in the village but has stopped because of this spate of destruction.

Not all of the incidents in the village were reported to police. But a spokesman said they will react to any incidents which they are told about to try and stop them happening again.

If you have any information about the troublemakers call police on 0300 111 0300.