Elderly driver’s death was a ‘tragic accident’

Edna Storr died in a crash in September.
Edna Storr died in a crash in September.
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AN elderly woman who drove her car into the path of a motorbike on September 10 last year died accidentally, an inquest heard.

Edna Storr, 71, of Barkston, was on her way home from visiting her friend, Geoffrey Biggs, when she pulled out of the junction of the A153 and the A607 at Honington at about 5.55pm.

Earlier Mrs Storr had complained of feeling tired, but in a statement read to the court Mr Biggs said that when she left his house “she appeared quite all right”.

Motorcyclist Michael Hadlow, of North Rauceby, near Sleaford, was travelling along the main road at about 50mph at the time of the crash.

He saw the car come out of the junction but had only a few seconds to react.

He tried to turn to the right to avoid the car, which was across the carriageway, but the motorbike hit the driver’s door. He was knocked to the ground.

The car spun around and Mrs Storr was found slumped across the passenger seat.

Passers-by tried to help Mrs Storr, but she died from a fractured skull.

Deputy coroner Richard Marshall said other motorists, including the driver of the car in front of Mrs Storr, had seen the motorcyclist - who was wearing a high-visibility jacket - as he travelled towards the junction.

Recording a verdict of accidental death, he said: “I don’t think we shall ever know why Mrs Storr pulled out into the path of the motorcycle ridden by Mr Hadlow.

“The resulting collision resulted tragically in the death of Mrs Storr. We have seen again about the issue of motorcycles. There is no criticism of Mr Hadlow, who was driving properly in a very visible jacket.”

Mr Hadlow, who was travelling from Plymouth that day, was seriously injured in the crash.

He could not remember the accident.

He said: “I was aware of two or three cars sat static at the junction waiting to turn right. I saw one car pull out of the junction.

“I don’t remember anything after that happened until I woke up in hospital three weeks later.”