Essex woman is told the only way is prison ...if she steals again

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AN Essex woman admitted stealing a white gold diamond ring worth £1,600 from a jewellers in Watergate, Grantham.

Victoria Quinn, of Holloway Crescent, Dunmow, Essex, was planning to get married so decided to go to Hoppers in Grantham on her way to Skegness on June 25.

Mother-of-three Quinn was seen on CCTV looking at rings in the jewellers. While engaging the shop assistant in conversation she put the ring on her finger under the desk.

A few minutes later when the shop assistant was distracted serving two men she left.

Judith Armstrong, defending, said: “She just took leave of her senses on that day in question.”

Ms Armstrong said that Quinn, who had no previous convictions, had been on anti-depressants after the death of her mother. She added that Quinn regretted her actions.

District Judge John Stobart, who fined Quinn £350 including £150 compensation and costs, said: “The value and sophistication of the offence is worrying me. You don’t wake up one day and think I’m going drive from Essex to Grantham and buy myself a ring. I’m deeply suspicious about this but I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

“If you commit any more offences like this the court can legitimately say that it’s a sophisticated theft of a very high value item – off to prison you go and your children will go into care. If you want that to happen, carry on.”