Evicted man spent his weekend in the cells

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A MAN who was evicted from his home was then arrested by police for breaching his bail conditions.

Kristian Langer, 24, was told by his landlord he was no longer welcome at his Kinoulton Court home. As well as having to find a new place to live, Langer faced the added problem of breaching his bail conditions - enforced by electronic tag - ensuring he resided at the address in Kinoulton Court.

Despite contacting the police and G4S to inform them of his need to change the address, he was arrested for breaching his bail and spent two nights in the cells.

Chris Pye-Smith, defending, said to magistrates: “He spent Saturday and Sunday night in the cells at public expense and all you are being asked for now is what he wanted to happen before - that you vary the address.”

Chairman of Magistrates Adam Moody said: “It seems slightly unfortunate. It was caused by the way the process operates. However, we are happy to change this one bail condition today.”