‘Fido and friends are safe’ says Lincolnshire Police officer

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AN exasperated police officer sent a message through the Lincs Alert system in an attempt to quell a “mild hysteria” about dog-knapping.

Pc Martin Green told how escalating rumours of two men in a white van stunning and stealing dogs were false, adding that he had “wasted several hours” trawling the police database.

He wrote: “There is some mild hysteria circulating about the Lincs area with regards two men in a white transit van apparently they are stunning dogs and then taking them. In some circles they are actually killing the dogs.

“These ‘rumours’ are circulating on facebook, other media and within the neighborhood watch system.

“No doubt someone started this for a laugh and others have passed it on from one to another hence the reason they are now being killed rather than just being abducted. I’m not one for believing in alien existence (unless I also become a victim) and having wasted several hours today researching the depths of Lincolnshire Police’s finest crime fighting databases, contacted the whole county force on duty with requests to glean further information and also spoken to the press officer on duty I am happy to state that Lincolnshire Police have so far not had any such report made to them.

“So, we can either thank the small-minded person who first started this exercise (prank) or search out the many victims that have so far failed to report a single dog either being abducted or killed by these white van men.

“My guess is that enough time has been spent on this matter and unless a proper report is made to Lincolnshire Police by the correct method then we can all sleep well knowing that Fido and his friends are actually safe from men in white vans..as long as they are on a lead.

“If by chance you know the person that started this rumour please feel free to make contact with me as I would be very keen to speak to them.”

* Anyone with inforamtion should call Lincolnshire Police on 101.