Friends had a pact to share drugs

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BUYING a wrap of heroin for a friend landed a man with a nine-month community order.

Paulo Almeida, 37, of Manthorpe Road, Grantham, admitted possessing the drugs with intent to supply.

Magistrates heard he was walking with a friend in Belton Lane, when officers stopped and searched him on April 16.

Jim Clare, prosecuting said: “He admitted he had two wraps on him concealed under his watch strap. He had two so he could smoke one himself and give one to his friend who he was with at the time of his arrest.

“He has been prosecuted through his own honesty.”

The pair had an agreement that when one had money they would buy drugs for the other.

Bill Fraser, defending, said: “He didn’t realise it was possession with intent to supply – a serious matter. He didn’t even manage to smoke the drugs.”

Almeida was given a nine-month community order with a six-month drug rehabilitation course and six months supervision. He was also ordered to pay £85 costs.