Gang jailed following Grantham raids which ended in rooftop stand-off

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A burglary gang caused Grantham town centre to be closed down for more than six hours after staging a rooftop stand-off when they were caught red handed, Lincoln Crown Court was told.

The gang of four carried out a series of raids on businesses in the Westgate area before police were alerted by an alarm at Vibe nightclub.

Andrew Scott, prosecuting, said Andrew Donner and his younger brother Samuel climbed down and gave themselves up when police officers arrived at the scene.

But Dean Hanes and the fourth burglar David Neve remained on the roof and a stand-off developed.

Mr Scott said: “Hanes and Neve refused to come down. The stand-off between these two and the police lasted about six hours.

“The police were forced to close down the centre of Grantham because missiles were being thrown off the roof.

“Neve was almost entirely passive throughout the stand-off. He was not seen to thrown anything.

“Hanes was argumentative and aggressive shouting threats to the police. At one point he threw coins at the police and he was also throwing roof tiles at parked cars.

“In some sort of defiant gesture he pulled a number of bank notes from his pocket and tossed them in the air.”

The incident ended shortly before midday when the pair gave themselves up.

Mr Scott said: “Grantham town centre had to be shut. A lot of businesses lost revenue. Thirty businesses in total were closed with a loss of sales of between £25,000 and £30,000.”

As well as Vibe, other premises raided included Westgate Crafts, Westgate Gallery, LA Reptiles and 2 Westgate.

Hanes, 23, of Winslow Drive, Immingham, Neve, 27, of Grimsby Road, Cleethorpes, Andrew Donner, 23, of Summerton Road, Immingham, and Samuel Donner, 21, of Ings Lane, Immingham, each admitted five charges of burglary between July 24 and 27. Hanes and Neve were each jailed for four-and-a-half years. The Donner brothers were each jailed for three-and-a-half years.

Judge Sean Morris also confiscated the car in which they travelled from Immingham to carry out the raids.

The judge told them: “This was a professional, planned burglary expedition. You drove far away from your usual homes and targeted commercial premises. You were caught red-handed.”

Michael Cranmer-Brown, for Hanes, said that although he had a criminal past he was a reformed character after moving to live in Suffolk.

But he went off the rails and returned to his old ways after moving back to the Grimsby area.

Nicola Quinney, for Neve, said he spent most of the time on the roof sitting down and speaking on the phone to his girlfriend.

Lisa Hardy, for Andrew Donner, said he was not involved in the rooftop incident having already given himself up.

Chris Brewin, for Samuel Donner, said he had no previous convictions for burglary and, like his brother, was not part of the stand-off.