Grantham business targeted in metal theft

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A SCRAP metal dealer admitted theft after attempting to take scaffolding from a Grantham business without permission.

Craig Lambley, of Grindon Crescent, Nottingham, rented a van for scrap metalling before driving it, along with two accomplices, to Vale Garden Houses in Grantham.

Lambley, 36, said he believed he and the other two men had permission to take the scaffolding.

Miss Stace, prosecuting, described how Lambley’s accomplices were loading up the van when they were approached by two Vale Garden Houses employees who blocked their exit with their own van.

The three men began unloading what they were stealing but when they were told the police had been called they all fled, climbing over a fence escaping via the golf course.

However, Lambley was tracked down as he had given his driving licence details to the van hire company earlier that day.

Mrs Wadhawa, defending, said Lambley had been scrap metalling with another male who then invited his brother to join them.

It was at this point he became suspicious.

Mrs Wadhawa said: “He accepts he should have known not to go with them as this person was feeding him information which clearly was not right.”

The court was told Lambley feared for his family if he did not go ahead with the theft.

Mrs Wadhawa said: “He feared that himself and his family would have been put in jeopardy.”

Lambley admitted theft including theft by finding. He was given a two-year conditional discharge and ordered to pay costs of £40.