Grantham Cemetery: Police warn Facebook users against ‘naming and shaming’

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POLICE are warning people on Facebook they risk inciting violence by wrongly blaming people for attacking Grantham cemetery.

Grantham police are monitoring comments being made on the social networking site and are concerned by the nature of much of the comment.

Sector Inspector Nigel Storey told the Journal today that two names in particular were doing the rounds and neither are believed to have any connection to the incident.

Insp Storey said: “The names being banded about of Facebook are not the ones we have arrested and there is no evidence to suggest they are involved.

“People who are naming names on Facebook can contact me at Grantham Police Station with any evidence they have to show these people are involved.”

The police are particularly concerned that people “naming and shaming” on the internet could lead to innocent people being victimised or even attacked

Insp Storey said: “What we are saying to the Grantham people is, we understand this is a really emotive and sensitive issue and we are dealing with this as a major priority but unhelpful comments on Facebook really don’t assist us.

“If other incidents occur because of untrue comments then that would drag my staff away and we could be coming to see you for instigating or inciting offences.”

The police have arrested four males this week on suspicion of causing criminal damage and they have all been released on police bail.

No charges will be brought against any of them for some time as police work with forensic evidence taken from the scene.

Insp Storey said: “We have pulled out all the stops on this because of the nature of the offence and we have been swift with making arrests.

“Even damage to one gravestone would be serious enough but the scale of this means there is a lot of work going on and people aren’t going to see results tomorrow - as much as I would like that.

“But everything needs to be brought together properly for the Crown Prosecution Service and the courts.”