Grantham court: Abuse aimed at ex-partner who was moving on

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A man made an abusive phone call to his former partner when he heard she was moving away from Grantham.

Anthony Byrne, of Larch Close, Grantham, admitted making an offensive or menacing phone call on February 3 to his former partner  who he had split up with five years earlier.

Prosecuting, Marie Stace told the court that the relationship was difficult. On the evening of February 3, Byrne’s ex-partner received a call from his number, but he hung up.

There was another call a few minutes later but again he hung up.

Then Byrne called his ex-partner a third time.

She said he was very drunk and slurring his words. He later told police that he had heard she was moving to Birmingham and it had come as a shock to him.

Miss Stace said the partner had said Byrne told her he did not want her to contact him again and had said he had stabbed himself twice in the stomach “and I am going to do two to you”.

He then called her a “dirty little slag”.

In a statement Byrne’s ex-partner had said: “I was concerned that he was going to carry out the threats and come and stab me.”

She left the house with a friend and her children and called the police.

He called her again while the police were there and told her was was sorry and was very angry.

He was then arrested.

Byrne had said in interview that the couple had split in 2008 and had a son. On February 3 he had been drinking in town and had heard she was moving away.

He said: “In the heat of the moment I became abusive but did not threaten her.

“She has no reason to fear me.”

Julian Sheen, defending, told the court that Byrne said in interview that he would not threaten her and that she would not have treated them as realistic threats anyway.

Mr Sheen said: “She said she feared it would be carried out but but also said he had never been violent to her. He has been frustrated at not being able to arrange contact and has seen solicitors about it so has gone down the right channels.”

Mr Sheen added: “It’s unfortunate it’s blown up as it has. He has not had any contact with the complainant since the incident but has been in touch with solicitors again about contact.”

The magistrates decided to adjourn the case until April 29 for a report.

Byrne was given bail on condition he did not go to a certain address in Grantham or contact his former partner.