Grantham court: Attack was ‘vicious and unprovoked’

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A “vicious, nasty and unprovoked attack” outside a town centre pub left a man bleeding from the head.

Harry Smith, 22, admitted assault by beating and criminal damage committed whilst inside a police car following the incident on March 22.

The court heard Smith went out to celebrate the end of his first week in a new job before ending up in the Blue Bull in Westgate, Grantham.

Daniel Pietryka, prosecuting, said Smith then tried to start a fight inside the pub “for no reason”. The melee ended up in the street where the victim stepped forward to try to intervene and calm the situation.

Mr Pietryka said: “Without warning the defendant punched the victim once with a clenched fist to the face, causing him to fall backwards as a result of the force used.

“The victim suffered a gash to the forehead near his eyebrow. He was bleeding heavily as a result of the incident.”

Smith was put into a police car but kicked out, damaging the car windscreen.

Rory Macmillan, defending, said it was the first time Smith had been out in may weeks as “he did not want to do anything to jeopardise the job he had secured”.

Mr Macmillan added: “He feels he has let himself down and his family down but hopes the court will deal with him in a way that will not jeopardise his job.”

Chair of magistrates Madge Marshall-Brown said it had been a “vicious attack”.

She added: “It was a nasty attack, it was unprovoked and if you could have seen yourself doing it, maybe you would have thought again. We hope so.”

Smith was ordered to complete 120 hours of unpaid work and pay £500 in compensation to the victim. He must also pay £60 in costs and a surcharge of £85.

Mrs Marshall-Brown added: “Don’t think twice before going out again...think three times.”