Grantham court: Bespectacled teen was chased with pool cue

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A teenager punched a man to the floor before being chased around a car park with a pool cue.

Kalum Priest of Beechcroft Road, Grantham, admitted a public order offence following the incident which began in Hunters Bar on April 15.

Priest, 18, told the court he had only just been released from prison and was having a few drinks in the bar.

He then became embroiled in an argument with Michael Hall which spilled into the street.

Priest, defending himself, said he punched Hall once they were outside, telling magistrates: “I could have run off but I had had a few drinks myself and thought I would hit him to stop him”.

Priest said Hall went back into Hunters Bar and returned with a pool cue. Priest said: “He was chasing me round a car with it.”

A member of the public then took the pool cue from Hall.

Priest said he then backed away but was pursued by Hall. Priest told magistrates: “He was saying ‘take your glasses off speccy, I’m going to hit you, I’m going to hit you, I’m going to hit you’.”

Priest then punched Hall again.

Priest said: “I regret it.

“I had just come out of prison and was celebrating with a drink.”

Sentencing was adjourned until August 14 for pre-sentence reports.