Grantham court: Breach of order leads to eight-week jail term

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A man who missed appointments and broke a community order was sent to prison for eight weeks.

John Gaskin, of Oakleigh Road, Grantham, admitted failing to comply with the requirements of a community order and was sent to prison by Grantham magistrates.

The court heard Gaskin had missed several appointments with the probation service.

Defending, Bill Fraser told the court that Gaskin was on a course of Methadone.

He said: “He goes to Addaction to pick up his prescription.

“He is not in a good state of mind until he has got his prescription.”

Mr Fraser said Gaskin had been homeless until somebody gave him a place to stay in Oakleigh Road.

He said if Gaskin was given appointments with the probation service later in the day he would do his very best to comply.

Gaskin was originally sentenced for assault.

The bench said Gaskin was being jailed because he “wilfully refused to comply with the order”.