Grantham court: Champagne stolen on three occasions to pay off debts

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A 35-year-old man admitted to four incidents of shoplifting in which he stole six bottles of Champagne and a packet of lamb steaks.

James Wren, of Reedings Close, Barrowby pleaded guilty to four charges of theft committed during August.

Prosecutor Paul Wood said that on three occasions the defendant went into the Co-op on Princess Drive, Grantham, and each time helped himself to two bottles of Champagne.

During interview Wren said that he had shoplifted because he had debts to pay.

Then on August 21 Wren was caught stealing lamb steaks costing £18 from Tescos.

Chris Pye-Smith, defending, said that the thefts followed his client’s loss of employment due to issues with transport arrangements.Wren then became homeless, had debts to pay and relapsed into use of drugs and drink,

However Wren had since taken himself to Addaction voluntarily, and was preparing to move into a residential rehabilitation home.

Magistrates gave Wren a conditional discharge of 12 months, and ordered him to pay £167.94 in compensation to the Co-op as well as £85 in prosecution costs and a victim surcharge of £15.