Grantham court: Charity shop clothes thieves seen on CCTV

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A Grantham couple have pleaded guilty to stealing clothes from a charity shop, after attending court two hours late.

Initially a warrant for their arrest was issued by magistrates when neither 54-year-old Daryell Fottles nor 41-year-old Diane Lewis, both from Manthorpe Road, attended court to each 
answer a charge of theft 
by finding.

However the warrants were subsequently withdrawn and both Fottles and Lewis entered guilty pleas.

Prosecutor Paul Wood outlined how on the morning of July 9 the defendants were seen on CCTV carrying bags of clothes, which police believe were taken by another individual from an outbuilding at the British Red Cross shop in the Market Place during a burglary.

Fottles and Lewis then took the clothes to a recycling point where they could receive payment dependant on the weight, making £27 from the items.

When they were arrested and interviewed by police, the defendants said they 
had found the clothes in 
the street.

Rob Arthur, defending, told the court that Fottles 
and Lewis are ‘living on the bread line, and have often 
been the recipients of clothing from charity shops themselves’.

He said that in desperation they had foolishly followed the adage ‘never look a gift horse in the mouth.’

Fottles and Lewis received a conditional discharge of 18 months, and ordered to pay £15 each in compensation to the British Red Cross.