Grantham court: Clubber threw advertising sign at bouncer after row

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A clubber who was thrown out for threatening behaviour ran back and threw an advertising sign at the doormen.

Jamie David Barratt, 25, was at the Pulse nightclub in Westgate, Grantham, where he was asked his age by a doorman. Prosecutor Jim Clare said the situation seemed to be sparked off when Barratt was asked for his ID. The defendant then said to the doorman “I am older than you, you ****”.

Barratt continued to be abusive as he queued inside the club and was told he was being thrown out. The doorman grabbed him by the shoulders and he fell back over a female clubber, before being thrown out on to the street. Barratt threw several punches at the doorman and when outside ran back at the bouncers, throwing the sign.

The doorman said he could feel blood around his eye after being struck by another clubber at the time. Police restrained Barratt who told them he had been attacked by some bouncers.

Chris Pye-Smith, defending, said Barratt regretted his actions. He said: “He accepts this from the outset. However he does say when he was first spoken to about his age he made a comment which he believes was only banter but the doorman interpreted it in a different way. He does not remember making any further comments.”

Barratt admitted using threatening words or behaviour and was fined £225. He was also told to pay a victim surcharge of £23 and costs of £85.