Grantham court: Community order made thief ‘anxious and distressed’

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Court News.
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Magistrates heard a man convicted of theft did not attend his ‘thinking skills’ sessions because they made him anxious and distressed.

Ruben de Silva, 35, of Norton Street, Grantham, admitted not complying with a community order which was made in July last year for an offence of theft.

The 12-month order included a ‘thinking skills’ programme, but out of 32 appointments he had only attended 15. Out of those he did not attend there was no acceptable excuse for missing six of them.

The court was told de Silva was a drug user and was on a methodone script. A report said he “has very little motivation to complete the order”.

Chris Pye-Smith, defending, said de Silva was unfit for work. He said of the ‘thinking skills’ programme: “He did not like the group situation. It made him feel anxious and distressed.”

Magistrates deciced the order should continue with an extra five-day education and employment activity. They also ordered costs of £75 to be paid.