Grantham court: Desperate man stole from supermarket

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Penniless Jan Vlcek stole from Asda after he found himself jobless, homeless and denied benefits.

Vlcek, of Harlaxton Road, Grantham, admitted stealing £70.13 worth of goods from Asda on August 27.

Chris Pye-Smith, defending, said: “What is significant about this offence is he had been out of work for nearly two months but had been able to claim Job Seekers’ Allowance and had been doing so but unfortunately he lost his accommodation and was living on the streets for nine days.

“During that period he missed an appointment at the job centre, so the DWP sanctioned his benefits for a month so he was completely without income for four weeks. He took these items for his personal use.”

Chairman of magistrates Amanda Brown said: “In view of those circumstances, we are making a conditional discharge for 12 months.”

Vlcek must pay a £15 surcharge, but was spared costs.