Grantham court: Drugs and alcohol mix blamed for theft

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Court news.
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A Grantham woman was described as being on a ‘cocktail’ of drugs and alcohol when she stole several items from a High Street store.

This also potentially put the defendant Victoria Hall, aged 34, of North Parade, Grantham in breach of a suspended sentence, although as the shoplifting predated this Rob Arthur, defending, argued that the offences should have been considered together and that to activate the sentence ‘would not be in the interests of justice’.

Prosecutor Tracey Ross said Hall had gone into Savers on Grantham High Street on November 13, and although she had paid for some items she had not paid for hair accessories, a bath robe and alcohol.

These were found and recovered by police who followed Hall from the shop to her home, where she told them that she couldn’t recall taking the items and was on prescription medication.

Mr Arthur said that his client admitted to being an alcoholic, and on the day in question was on a ‘cocktail’ of various prescribed pills and alcohol.

He informed magistrates that Hall had subsequently been arrested and kept in custody for a day following another offence on November 14, and that if CCTV had been available at the time for the shop theft she would have been sentenced for both.

Mr Arthur also detailed how Hall had since been diagnosed with a personality disorder, her medication had been changed, and she was now under the care of Elm Lodge.

Magistrates decided against activating the suspended sentence, as well as lodging a £105 fine and a £20 victim surcharge against the one day’s detention meaning that Hall owned nothing to the court for this offence.