Grantham court: Drunk window smashing rampage

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A woman has admitted using a dustbin lid to drunkenly smash up windows in her council property.

Michelle Marie Treanor, 44, of Uplands Drive, Grantham, pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage to two glass window panes on March 27.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, told magistrates that after an argument the defendant had first broken the front window in her council home with an unknown implement, before going into the rear and using a dustbin lid to smash the kitchen window too.

In total £250 was sought in compensation for the damage by owners South Kesteven District Council.

Representing Treanor, Julian Sheen explained that the incident followed a row with a friend who had decided that after three months at the address they would no longer stay with the defendant.

Highlighting that his client was drunk at the time, Mr Sheen said: “She didn’t want to take her frustration out on the other person, and instead took it out on the windows.”

Treanor was described as ‘ashamed by her actions’, and had been attending Addaction to try and cut down on her drinking. Mr Sheen added that she had been the one suffering as a result of the damaged windows in her council home.

Treanor will be sentenced on May 9 following the production of a pre-sentence report by probation. In the meantime she remains on unconditional bail.