Grantham court: Drunken behaviour at station

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A charge of drunk and disorderly behaviour at Grantham railway station was proved in the absence of the defendant.

Michal Jurkiewicz, aged 38, of Harrowby Road, Grantham, did not attend court despite being notified of the hearing.

Instead magistrates found the matter proved after being told details of the incident which took place on August 2.

Prosecutor Mark Major read a statement from a staff member at the station who identified that Jurkiewicz was not fit to travel.

The defendant was leaning against the ticket office trying to say that he wanted to go to Peterborough, but his words were slurred and his eyes glazed, with the employee adding that he could smell alcohol within seven feet of Jurkiewicz.

Although they got him to leave through the main entrance, Jurkiewicz remained by the station shouting and swearing to himself, staff and members of the public.

The police were then called and found him slumped on the floor, where he appeared to be making a sit down protest, and despite efforts to calm him down Jurkiewicz continued to shout and rant as well telling them repeatedly to “f**k off”.

Mr Major added that there were ‘only so many times’ they could tell him to leave the area, and he was arrested.

Magistrates ruled that Jurkiewicz must pay a fine of £400, a victim surcharge of £65 and costs of £85.