Grantham court: Engineer who mocked ‘plastic coppers’ had cocaine on him

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Structural engineer Dale Foster was found with cocaine concealed about his person after being arrested for calling a policeman a “plastic copper”.

Police came upon Foster, of Porthcawl Close, Grantham, after he and another male were ejected from a Grantham club in the early hours of September 30 for acting aggressively.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said police found Foster to be “heavily intoxicated and excitable”, adding that Foster appeared to be trying to antagonise the officers.

Mr Clare said: “He began shouting ‘you’re a joke, you’re a plastic copper. Come on, you’re starting to bite. What are you going to do, plastic copper?’”

Foster then turned his ire on the door staff, yelling: “Come on then you f***ing pair of f***ing t***s.”

Foster, 30, was also seen on CCTV urinating in the street, Mr Clare said.

He was arrested and at Grantham police station he was searched and found to be in possession of a wrap of cocaine. He was then strip-searched and officers found two further wraps of cocaine - one in his jeans and one “concealed under his testicles”.

Giles Tyas, defending, said Foster, who has worked on football stadiums including the Emirates in London, was thoroughly ashamed of his actions.

Mr Tyas added: “He is not someone who will be bothering the courts again. He is upset to be back here after thinking he had left his misspent youth behind.”

Chairman of magistrates Mr Cejer told Foster: “We are actually treating you quite leniently; it’s a Class A drug.”

Foster admitted possession of a Class A drug and a public order offence. He was fined a total of £375 and ordered to pay costs of £85 and a £25 surcharge.