Grantham court: Family feud mars 80th celebrations

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Celebrations to mark an 80th birthday concluded with the birthday boy’s 18-year-old grandson attacking a policeman.

Callum McAndrew, of Goldsmith Road, Grantham, admitted assaulting a police constable in the early hours of September 15.

Police were called to Westgate in Grantham at 1.15am where they found McAndrew, who had been ejected from Barcode nightclub.

Tracey Ross, prosecuting, said: “He was advised to leave but was arguing with two female members of his family, one of which he pushes. His father also gets involved when the police go to arrest him.”

McAndrew was reluctant to submit to officers and threw a punch which caused his father to also become involved.

The police officers then deployed their spray against both McAndrew and his father. Miss Ross said McAndrew was shown the CCTV footage of the fracas and made full admissions in his police interview.

Miss Ross said: “He was shown CCTV and said his actions were out of order and could not be justified.”

Rob Arthur, defending, confirmed the incident began with feuding family members arguing in the street.

He said: “There was an incident between him and family members who had been out celebrating their grandfather’s 80th birthday. He accepts he pushed his sister. The police then came over and you have heard that during the course of that Mr McAndrew threw a punch at a police officer.”

McAndrew, who works as a groundworker for C-1 Construction on a self-employed basis, also admitted causing criminal damage to a window at a property in London Road, Grantham, in an incident dating back to January.

McAndrew was fined £135 for assaulting a police officer and £135 for criminal damage. He must also pay £117.73 in compensation for the window, £85 costs and a £20 surcharge.