Grantham court: Family feud spilled over into violence between cousins

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A reveller was seen by police to strike a woman on the head as pubs and clubs were closing in Market Place in Grantham.

Tyler Jay Haynes, 20, of Gresley Court, Grantham, admitted using threatening or abusive behaviour in the town on May 14.

Prosecuting, Hannah Strawson said it was 4am when Haynes was seen in the Market Place having an argument with a woman. He was seen striking her head and she fell to the floor. She then got up and slapped him. He struck her head again.

The police witnessed this, but when they intervened the woman would not cooperate. Miss Strawson said Haynes was unhappy with being arrested and would not cooperate. He was taken to the police station where he made no comment.

The court was told that Haynes was currently serving a 12 month conditional discharge imposed in November which he had already breached in February, although no action was taken against him.

Rob Arthur, defending, said the situation was not what it appeared at first. He said Haynes had been with friends and was not drinking. He was approached by the female who was his cousin.

Mr Arthur said there had been a long-standing family feud following the death of the grandparents. There was a verbal altercation between them during which Haynes pushed her over. She then slapped him and he used his palms to push her over.

She told the police she was homeless and then left in a taxi.

Mr Arthur said the woman’s behaviour suggested she was no ‘shrinking violet’.

He told the court that Haynes was arrested in October when another man was arrested and put in a police car. Haynes had stood in front of the car and refused to move, and was arrested.

After reading a probation report the magistrates imposed a 12 month community order on Haynes. He must do 50 hours of unpaid work and take part in a 20 day rehabilitation activity. He was also fined £85 and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £85. There was no spearate penalty for the breach of the conditional discharge.