Grantham court: Former partner swung bag of beer cans at woman’s head

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A man swung a bag containing four cans of beer against the head of his ex-partner after a shopping trip to Nottingham.

Kevin Lee Bonner, 42, of Avenue Road, Grantham, appeared before Grantham magistrates having already pleaded guilty to assault by beating on February 27. On Monday he also admitted using threatening or abusive behaviour in Grantham on February 7.

Prosecuting, Shelley Wilson told the court that on February 27 Bonner and his ex-partner had returned from Nottingham on the train where he had wanted to buy a present for his daughter. They had been into a number of pubs and he was intoxicated and could not find a present to buy.

In Grantham they had split up outside the station, as Bonner wanted to take a short cut. His former partner was walking down Station Road at 6.25pm talking on her phone when Bonner started following her and accusing her of talking to another man. He tried to take the phone away from her and then swung the bag containing the cans, hitting her head. He then threw the bag at her. She went to the Blue Bull pub where she called the police and Bonner was later arrested. CCTV footage showed Bonner shouting at the victim in Station Road and then swinging the bag at her, missing once, and then hitting her.

Mrs Wilson said that on February 7 Bonner was in the Black Dog pub in Watergate. CCTV footage showed him making gestures at two women. He grabbed their table and tipped it towards them, before completely turning it over. He grabbed the arm of one of the women and pushed her against the bench. Bonner was shown out of the pub, but then returned. He received a bloody nose as the landlord held him to the floor until police arrived.

Mrs Wilson said Bonner accepted he was drunk and asked on a scale of one to 10 how much he had drunk said 10.

Rory Macmillan, defending, said Bonner was a single man with a 15-year-old daughter. His 22-year-old son had died only five months ago and he suffered from depression and anxiety. On February 7 he had gone to the Black Dog where he saw his former partner. She had lost both her parents last year and he was concerned. She had resorted to alcohol and her children had been removed. She told Bonner she did not want his help and became abusive. In frustration he pushed over the table.

Mr Macmillan said that on February 27 they had met by coincidence at the Goose at the Bank pub and she had said she would go to Nottingham with him. In Grantham he had walked off with shopping they had both bought and she called him back. She was aggressive and wanted the beer and he swung the bag at her. The court heard Bonner wanted an injunction against his former partner.

The magistrates ordered a probation report and adjourned the case until April 7.

Bonner was given bail on condition that he did not contact three named persons and did not enter the Black Dog public house, in Watergate, Grantham.