Grantham court: ‘Get a proper job’ policemen told by abusive drinker

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Police officers who asked a man to leave London Road in Grantham were given a mouthful of abuse.

Lee Prince of Second Avenue, Grantham, admitted a charge of being drunk and disorderly in the St Catherine’s Road area following a 2.15am incident on July 12.

Officers came across Prince and another man outside Gurkha Square restaurant.The pair were described as “loud and excitable”.

Prince, 25, became angry when officers gave them a direction to leave the area.

Prince told the officers: “You haven’t got s**t on me. Get a proper job.”

He added: “F***ing police. I hate them. Everybody hates them.”

The officers were still content to allow Prince and his colleague to leave but Prince continued his abuse, this time at a distance.

Prince turned and shouted “f***ing pricks”.

The final insult was to turn and give the officers the middle finger with both hands. He was then arrested.

Bill Fraser, defending Prince, said: “The language was due to the drink he had been consuming with his colleague.

“He regrets that language and regrets being drunk and disorderly, hence his plea today.”

Prince was fined £75 and must pay £85 costs and a £20 surcharge.