Grantham court: Glowing report on progress by assault woman

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A woman who persistently called 999 and kicked a police officer was praised in a report for the progress she was making since the offences.

Anne Elizabeth Callander, 47, of Bailgate, Lincoln, had pleaded guilty to assaulting a constable and making a phone call to cause annoyance or inconvenience in January but was given time to show she was making progress with treatment for an alcohol problem.

Marie Stace, prosecuting, told the court police attended an incident at Ermine Close in Grantham on December 14.

Officers saw Callander in a rear garden on her mobile phone. She was drunk and slurring her words while speaking to the police control room. The officers took the phone off her and ended the call. She would not say why she had made the call.

Miss stace said an ambulance arrived which Callander had called. She was sitting in the ambulance when an officer got a call to say she had called 999. He then felt a blow to his shin and saw Callander pull her leg back.

Miss Stace said: “It was hard and deliberate”.

She was arrested for making the phone calls and the assault.

Callander told police her partner had been abusive to her and had forced her out. She admitted making the 999 calls but could not remember and was very distressed. Miss Stace added: “The reason she did not speak to the officers was because she did not feel safe with them and she did not trust the officers she was with. She accepts her calls to the police could have prevented other people making emergency calls to them.”

Defending Callander, Mr Coley said a report on the defendant had been “glowing” and she had “exceeded all expectations set of her”. He said she had been attending sessions at Addaction, which supports those addicted to drugs and alcohol.

He said: “She is under no illusions. It’s a long road. She knows she will have to remain out of trouble and will need to access whatever support she can. It seems the prognosis is good and she is willing to make the best of this.”

Callander was given a 12-month community order which includes a supervision order and six months of alcohol treatment. She was also ordered to pay £60 compensation.