Grantham court: Goods worth £300 taken in ‘shop theft spree’

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A “spree of shop thefts” were committed by a man who travelled to Grantham with a rucksack and went from shop to shop helping himself to almost £300 worth of items.

Michael Shields, 20, admitted stealing from TK Maxx in Dysart Road, Peacocks in the Isaac Newton Centre, Asda and WH Smith - all on June 24.

Shields, of Grantham Road, Sleaford, and an alleged accomplice began their stealing spree at 2pm.

They first visited Peacocks and stole clothing and shoes worth £52.

They then headed to WH Smiths where they stole £30 worth of stationery before heading to Asda and taking £30 worth of clothing.

Their final target was TK Maxx where they attempted to take £183 worth of clothing but were caught in the act.

When police arrived they found all of the stolen goods from the four stores in the rucksack.

Paul Wood, prosecuting, described the offences as a “spree of shop thefts”.

Judith Bew, defending Shields, said the thefts were a “one-off foolish error”.

She added: “He hopes he can put all this behind him, put it down as a grave and foolish error and continue his education.”

Mrs Bew argued the loss of Shields’ good name would be punishment enough as he had never previously been in trouble with the law.

She said: “He is genuinely sorry. This is going to live with him now having lost his good name and he is fully aware of the consequences of that.”

Shields was sentenced to a conditional discharge and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £15 surcharge.

Chair of magistrates Mrs Spencer said: “Given all the property was recovered and there is no compensation to consider, we are going to give you a one-year conditional discharge for these offences.

“Hopefully we will not see you again.”

Co-defendant Conor Curtis of Mount Pleasant, Sleaford, did not attend court. A warrant was issued.