Grantham court: Grief led mum to drink-drive

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Memories of the death of a son caused a mother to turn to drink before getting behind the wheel.

Deborah Crisp, of The Drift, Barrowby, was pulled over by police at 1pm on February 21 in Morrisons car park in Grantham.

She was found to be more than twice the drink-drive limit.

Rob Arthur, defending, told the court Crisp, 49, had been thinking of her son the previous night and drinking wine.

Mr Arthur said: “Her son Matthew was murdered - I have a copy of the Journal from 2006. He was shot dead in the Yorkshire/Rotherham area.

“I also have a copy of Real People magazine which confirms he was murdered over a Valentine’s card.”

Mr Arthur said the offence took place after Valentine’s Day and before Mother’s Day - a difficult time in Crisp’s 

Mr Arthur said: “She told me she got really upset because she would not be receiving a Mother’s Day card. She drank heavily and went to bed.

“She clearly accepts the offence.”

Crisp was stopped by police the day after she had been drinking.

Mr Arthur added: “She was emotional and drank more than she normally would just because of the time of year. She does apologise.

“I would ask you to take into account the rather traumatic circumstances that caused her to fall foul of the drink-driving legislation on this occasion.”

Crisp was disqualified from driving for 16 months and fined £110. She must also pay a £20 surcharge and £40 costs.