Grantham court: Groom smashed up guest’s BMW car on his wedding day

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A groom smashed the wing mirrors and punched the bodywork of a car during his wedding reception because of the bad behaviour of some of the guests.

Nicholas Thomas Loftus, of Goldstraw Lane, Fernwood, Newark, appeared before Grantham magistrates on Monday and admitted causing criminal damage on August 30 outside Claypole Village Hall.

Loftus, 29, damaged the BMW at about 10pm in the car park of the hall, prosecutor Daniel Pietryka told the court. He said a fight had broken out between the car owner’s partner and the groom’s brother, who was best man.

When the car owner went to pick up her car from the car park the following day she discovered the wing mirrors smashed, the bonnet and boot dented and there was blood all over the off-side pillar section. CCTV showed a man kicking and punching the car. Forensic evidence led to the arrest of Loftus who made no comment to police.

Defending, Giles Tyas said Loftus had had a difficult month before the wedding.

During that time he had been surprised when, as an adopted child, suddenly his blood family had got in touch with him. A week before the wedding he had lost his job and he had suffered a nervous breakdown.

He had been to hospital and was taking anti-depressants which caused side-effects. He was not allowed to drink while taking the medication but admitted he had had a few drinks for Dutch courage on his wedding day.

At the reception there was an argument between his cousin’s partner and the best man. Another man also caused trouble and Loftus had to intervene to stop the situation escalating.

Mr Tyas said: “Mr Loftus is very upset that this has all happened on his wedding. He was extremely upset at the time and went outside to calm himself down.

“He had found himself crying in front of his father-in-law and other guests. He had a cigarette next to the vehicle in question and he does not understand why he did this. He punched a window and then both wing mirrors.”

Mr Tyas said Loftus admitted hitting the bonnet but not damaging it. He said other people had also caused damage to the car and so it was not possible to say how much damage Loftus had caused.

Mr Tyas added: “He has also been battling cancer over this year.

“He felt the world was against him and people in his family were not behaving well on his own wedding day.”

The court heard Loftus was £20,000 in debt and was under an individual voluntary agreement to pay his debts off. He had since got his job back.

The magistrates fined Loftus £350 for the criminal damage and ordered him to pay the excess of £250.

No costs were ordered, but he must pay a victim surcharge of £35.