Grantham court: Husband assaulted wife at birthday party

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A husband assaulted his wife after drinking at a party because he believed she had been unfaithful.

Janes Soms, 35, of Alexandra Road, Grantham, pleaded guilty before the town’s magistrates to the assault on his wife of 16 years.

Prosecuting Shelley Wilson told the court that Mr Soms’ wife had said there was violence in the relationship previously in Latvia and in the UK where they moved in 2007.

Mrs Wilson said that on New Year’s Eve a friend spoke to Mrs Soms casting doubt on the paternity of one of her children which she denied but despite her protesting her innocence her marriage has since broken down. On Saturday (February 1) the couple, their lodger and other friends were celebrating the lodger’s birthday. Everybodsy was drinking, but Mrs Soms said she was only merry. An argument took place between her and her husband and it was said that Mr Soms punched her to the face with force. Her nose bled and she fell backwards striking her back on the washing machine and her head on a cupboard. The lodger’s nephew called the police.

The court was told Mr Soms accepted he had consumed a large quantity of vodka on Saturday night and had no memory of the last part of the evening before the police arrived. He told police he could not remember assaulting his wife, but said if his wife and the lodger had said so then he must have done it. Mrs Wilson said that Mrs Soms had wanted nothing more to do with her husband.

Defending, Rory Macmillan told the court that Soms worked in a factory in Peterborough on night shifts. He said Mr Soms emphatically denies any previous violence in the relationship. Mr Macmillan said Soms had been in shock since hearing another man had slept with his wife and he had sought to avoid any confrontation with his wife about this because he was concerned for the welfare of his children.

On February 1, it was the birthday of one of the lodger’s friends. Soms had been asleep after finishing a night shift and was woken by noises from downstairs in the afternoon. He went downstairs and there was a bottle of gin and champagne. Two of the lodger’s friends were there and everyone had two glasses of alcohol to drink. Mr Soms went to a shop twice later on to buy food and vodka.

Mr Macmillan said: “Mr Soms says he does not remember hitting his wife and does not understand why he would have done that. If she says that he did then he must have done and he pleads guilty on that basis. He remains most concerned about his children. He intends to stay with a friend in Grantham until he finds somewhere to rent.”

Magistrates adjourned the case until February 25 for reports. Soms was given bail on condition he made no contact with his wife, did not go to the address in Alexandra Road and did not go to Moy Park in Grantham.