Grantham court: Husband found asleep at the wheel of car after drinking in London

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Police found a man asleep and drunk at the wheel of his car near Grantham railway station.

John Macmillan, 43, of Hanby Road, Lenton, had returned on the train from London where he had had drinks with his wife’s cousin after receiving news that his wife had terminal cancer. Macmillan admitted failing to give a roadside breath test to police on March 15.

Prosecuting, Daniel Pietryka told the court that police spoke to Macmillan at 4.40am. The engine of his car was not running and they could not find the keys. Macmillan was asleep and he smelled of alcohol. He refused a breath test and was arrested.”

Mr Pietryka said that Macmillan took a breath test at Grantham Police Station where he gave a positive reading. He had been very drunk when he got back to Grantham and had decided to sleep it off in the car. When he was woken by the police he was still very sleepy and drunk and later apologised for not giving the breath test.

Defending, Kerry Woollason said Macmillan commuted to London for work. He had met his wife’s cousin there after receiving the news of his wife’s cancer. When he got back to Grantham he made the decision to sleep in the car because there was no public transport.

Miss Woollason said Macmillan did not know how he got into his car because he could not find his keys. He thought he may have left the door slightly ajar.

She said Macmillan had not given a breath test because he was still drunk and disorientated when the police woke him.

Miss Woollason said: “He is extremely remorseful for what he has done. He is adamant he had no intention of driving.”

Macmillan was fined £265 for failing to give the breath test and was ordered to pay costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £26.