Grantham court: ‘I am bitterly ashamed of what happened’

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Magistrates told a man who assaulted his partner and jammed his thumbs into her eyes that he was fortunate to escape a prison sentence.

Anthony West, defending himself, admitted assaulting his partner and told magistrates: “I am bitterly ashamed of what happened that night.”

Paul Wood, prosecuting, told the court West became “enraged” when his partner mentioned his ex-girlfriend. He then picked her up, dragged her to the front door and threw her outside.

Mr Wood said West then sat on top of the victim and put his thumbs into her the eyes. The victim said the attack caused her “extreme pain”.

A neighbour who witnessed the assault said the victim was “slammed” on to the pavement and described her as looking “petrified” throughout.

The victim suffered various bruises and scratches to the body and told police the attack had left her “scared to leave her own home”.

West, 33, of Thames Road, Grantham, admitted the offence last month. On Monday he was sentenced to a two-year community order with a supervision requirement and must complete a “Building Better Relationships” programme.

In sentencing, magistrates warned West he could have gone to prison if not for his early guilty plea.