Grantham court: ‘I will rip your heads off’, police officers told

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Police officers were threatened by a man who said he would “harm their families and rip their heads off”.

The officers were called to Harrow Street in Grantham where they found Patrick Ferry, 50, heavily in drink and acting aggressively.

Tracey Ross, prosecuting, said Ferry, who lives in Harrow Street, was immediately abusive when the officers arrived. Miss Ross said Ferry told the officers: “F*** off. It’s going to take more than yous (sic).”

Miss Ross said the officers tried to calm Ferry down but he continued to swear and act aggressively.

The police officers attempted to arrest Ferry but he resisted by tensing up.

Miss Ross said: “They struggled to restrain him and had to take him to the ground and handcuff him.”

As they led him to the police van, Ferry shouted he would “harm their families and rip their heads off”.

Rob Arthur, defending, said Ferry is a registered alcoholic who turned to drink on the occasion of the offence after police raided his home.

Mr Arthur said: “A person was arrested by police for burglary and to try and get bail they gave Ferry’s address.”

The police raided Ferry’s home and removed items. Mr Arthur said: “That person has never lived at that address and that has caused Mr Ferry a significant anxiety.”

Ferry, who is out of work on long-term sick, admitted being drunk and disorderly and obstructing a police constable.

He was sentenced to a one-year conditional discharge and ordered to pay £45 costs and a £15 surcharge.

Mr Arthur told magistrates: “He apologises through me to the world at large and that will get back to the officers and any neighbours.”