Grantham court: Ice on road led to car crash into wall

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A drink driver crashed his car into a wall after skidding on ice and abandonned the car to walk home.

Darryl James Davies, 33, of St Anne’s Street, Grantham, pleaded guilty at the town’s magistrates court to driving while over the alcohol limit and failing to stop and give his details after a road accident.

Prosecuting, Shelley Wilson told the court that Davies drove into Grantham town centre on December 28 and parked in Castlegate. After drinking in town he went back to his car at 3am and drove down East Street. At the bottom of the road he tried to brake and skidded on ice, hitting the wall outside Riverside flats.

Mrs Wilson said Davies panicked and left the scene to walk home. When police found the car they noticed it wasn’t locked. They called at Davies’ address where it was clear he had been drinking and he was also in pain because his ribs hurt.

He was arrested and at the police station he was breath tested and gave a reading of 52 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath. The legal limit is 35 microgrammes of alcohol. In a police interview he said he had gone back to his car to pick up his coat and then made the mistake of deciding to drive home.

Defending, Chris Milligan said Davies was a self-employed painter and decorator who would struggle to make a living if he was disqualfied from driving. He said: “He needs to be mobile. He has been doing this for seven years and he tells me he is going to struggle making a living if he is not mobile due to being disqualified.”

Mr Milligan said his client went out at 11.30pm and had a few drinks. He said Davies went to collect his coat from the car and, because he only lived a few minutes’ drive from home, he decided to drive. He lost control of the car at the bottom of East Street and went into the wall.

Mr Milligan added: “This is the sort of thing that can happen even when you have not been drinking. He panicked and ran off. He accepts what he did was wrong and knows the punishment will be pretty severe and it may well put him out of business. He is embarrassed and ashamed of what he did.”

Magistrates banned Davies from driving for 12 months for the drink driving offence and fined him £150. He was ordered to pay costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £20. There was no separate penalty for failing to stop after an accident. Davies was offered a drink driver’s rehabilitation course which will reduce his ban by three months if he successfully completes it.