Grantham court: Jail for teenager who struck unconscious man

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After knocking out a man with a punch to the face, Luke Davison landed several punches and kicks to the unconscious man’s body and spat on him.

This attack has landed him in prison over Christmas and as an officer arrived to place handcuffs on his wrists, Davison’s friends watched from the back of the courtroom in shock.

Magistrates heard how the attack happened in Watergate, Grantham, in the early hours of November 24, and was seen by CCTV operators.

They watched as Davison, 19, approached a young couple crossing the road.

The male victim was seen to kick out at Davison following a verbal exchange to “fend him off”, said Shelley Wilson, prosecuting.

Davison then punched him once in the face and then punched, kicked and spat on him as he lay slumped on the ground.

A call from the CCTV centre saw police arrive on the scene within 30 seconds and the defendant was arrested.

The court heard how the victim was the boyfriend of Davison’s ex-partner.

Ms Wilson said: “This is, effectively, the new boy friend he has assaulted.”

However, Davison told police officers this had nothing to do with the incident and that the victim had spat at him earlier on in the night.

He also said he had drunk five or six glasses of vodka and three of four Jägerbombs prior to the attack.

Magistrates heard how the victim refused to make a complaint to police.

Had he done so, the charge facing Davison would have been at least actual bodily harm rather than the charge of using threatening behaviour.

Davison “bitterly regrets his actions”, said defence solicitor Rob Arthur.

However, he added that the attack came after the victim aimed a kick at Davison’s testicles.

Ms Wilson went on to tell the court that a trial in November found Davison guilty of common assault on his ex-partner, for which he received a community sentence and a restraining order was put in place to protect the female.

Ms Wilson referred to Davison’s “pattern of domestic violence” but Mr Arthur challenged this and said the victim had made no complaint and so “there were no complainants in this case”.

Therefore, there was no breach of any restraining order.

After short deliberation, magistrates sentenced Davison to eight weeks in prison.