Grantham court: Magistrates spare man who attacked jogger a jail sentence

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A man who attacked a jogger in Wyndham Park “because of the voices he was hearing” was spared jail.

Brendan Jablonski, of Manthorpe Road, Grantham, admitted common assault and committing offences while on a suspended prison sentence order.

The court heard how 30-year-old Jablonski was arguing with a male and a female when two joggers came past. He grabbed one and shoved him up against a fence.

When the second tried to intervene Jablonski punched him once to the face and once to the chest. The victim then decided he needed to defend himself so struck Jablonski, knocking him to the ground.

The pair of joggers were then able to back away and contact the police.

Rob Arthur, defending, said Jablonski has mental health issues and had also been drinking at the time of the offence.

Mr Arthur said: “He drank alcohol with his medication which says ‘do not drink alcohol’.

“He accepts he was wrong in doing that but it was his coping mechanism, He has contributed to his own downfall.”

Mr Arthur asked magistrates to take into account Jablonski’s mental health problems when sentencing as the attack was due to “the voices he was hearing”.

Magistrates decided against immediately activating the suspended prison sentence. Instead they deferred sentencing for three months to give Jablonski time to show he has changed his ways.

Jablonski will return to court on January 3 to be sentenced.